25 JUN - 17 JUL




For the last 5 years I have been following closely (sometimes too closely according to some directors) all the activities of “Lavrar o Mar” and its younger brother “Lavrar o Mira e a Lagoa”. In a relationship of extreme complicity, I was impregnated with the constant visual dialogues, the interaction with the public, the ubiquitous acrobatics, the eloquent poetry… I am always there, watching, working, absorbing, not as invisible as I like, but always trying to create something, as an author, that reaches, hits and can cause reflection in the receiver.
As I have mentioned several times this route, in layers, through the territories of these municipalities in the Portuguese southwest and these performances, takes me in directions that sharpen my senses and make me slide towards landscapes where the horizon line is not always between the sky and the earth.
It is this subjectivity that I focus on, between the dark and the almost dark, jumping from shadow to shadow, running slowly and walking quickly, adapting my recording rhythm to the cadence of the performances… I travel, feel, taste and absorb what happens to me by the senses.
In my book “Lugares Pouco Comuns” (trans. “Uncommon Sites”) I quoted the philosopher Vilém Flusser: «(…) The wandering of the gaze is circular. It tends to go back to contemplate elements already seen. (…)» And over the years, more and more, I tend to return… To return to the same places, to the same books, to the same films, to the same shows… to arrive early, to feel the place and the actors and… to disappear camouflaged behind the lens.
The definition, not exclusively biochemical, of osmosis (“Influence or mutual penetration between two or more things or ideas.”) is the genesis of this essay. This set of images is exactly about this definition. It's my way of honoring everyone involved in this project. Giving them back their actions through my reaction.