19 to 28 oct 2023 — Aljezur · Odemira · Monchique

Labat: O caminho para…

Inês Barahona & Miguel Fragata · Formiga Atómica · Portugal
Theatre · Laboratory — M/6+

LABAT: O Caminho para "Terminal (O Estado do Mundo)"

“Terminal (O Estado do Mundo)” is a show that will premiere in 2024, corresponding to the second part of a diptych that Inês Barahona and Miguel Fragata, Formiga Atómica, began in 2021 with the show "O Estado do Mundo (Quando Acordas)".

“O caminho para ‘Terminal (O Estado do Mundo)’" consists of extensive research in the territory throughout the year 2023 on geopolitical, economic, sociological or demographic dimensions from the perspective of how the climate crisis affects our understanding of the world, which has remained relatively stable over the last 50 years.

If there's one positive thing to learn from global crises, it is that they create common ground. No one is left out. In the shipwreck of humanity, there will undoubtedly be first- and second-class castaways, but we will all be connected - at least through fear. Shouldn't we start trying to find our points of contact now? By exploring different formats - small theatre pieces for public spaces, the occupation of a radio broadcast, a documentary film and even a sociological study - we want to uncover what unites us in this fragile moment when everything seems to be at stake. These objects will be part of the journey towards "Terminal (O Estado do Mundo)", an extensive research process that will be reflected in the creation of this show in 2024.

Formiga Atómica's artistic residency is presented as part of the “LABAT - Training Activities between the Artistic Laboratory and Artist Atelier” Lavrar o Mar programme. Spaces for experimentation and creation, where people can experiment with their own imagination, realisation and thinking through the arts and, simultaneously, this participating public contributes to the investigation and research developed by the artists we have invited. The results of some of the activities produced as part of this laboratory will be presented on the last day, 28 October in Aljezur.

/ artistic and technical credits

/Conception and Artistic Direction Inês Barahona and Miguel Fragata  /Executive Producer Luna Rebelo and Sofia Bernardo  /Production and Mediation Assistant Beatriz Brito  /Comunication Martinho Filipe and Rita Tomás Consultancy

/Co-production Arquipélago – Centro de Artes Contemporâneas, Centro Cultural do Cartaxo, Cine-Teatro São Pedro de Alcanena, Comédias do Minho, Companhia Mascarenhas-Martins, Lavrar o Mar, Município de Mértola, Município de Setúbal, Teatro Municipal de Ourém, Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II em parceria com a Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Teatro Nacional São João, Teatro Virgínia, Trigo Limpo teatro ACERT, Teatro Viriato, Théâtre du Point du Jour

/Supports Antígona, Edições Tinta-da-China, Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos, Orfeu Negro, Pato Lógico, Penguin Random House, Planeta Tangerina, Rede para o Decrescimento

Formiga Atómica is a structure supported by the Portuguese Republic - Culture | Directorate-General for the Arts

25 oct 2023 (wed)
Teatro fora do formato
26 oct 2023 (thu)
Teatro fora do formato
27 oct 2023 (fri)
Teatro fora do formato

24 to 28 oct 2023 (tue to sat)
Biblioteca Verde Itinerante
Espaço+ – every day except Sunday, from 10:00 am to 04:30 pm

28 oct 2023 (sat) – 04:00 pm
"O Caminho para 'Terminal (O estado do mundo'") – Salão Nobre da Câmara Municipal de Aljezur
Public session
Age Rating
Free Entrance

Teatro fora de formato


Odemira – 25 oct 2023 (wed) Monchique – 26 oct 2023 (thu) Aljezur – 27 oct 2023 (fri)
“Teatro fora de formato” is a series of small-scale performances that will take place in public and unconventional spaces. These performances result from research into the relationship between the climate crisis and the model of society in which we live to reflect on complex issues: from consumption to mobility, from livestock farming to intensive agriculture, and from degrowth to capitalism.

/artistic and technical credits

/Direction Miguel Fragata   /Text Inês Barahona   /Interpretation Cuca M. Pires, Rita Delgado, Simon Frankel and Vasco Barroso   /Assistant director Beatriz Brito

Ocupa a Rádio

Broadcasting, Journalism, Entertainment, Culture

Rádio Rua – 23 oct 2023 (mon) - 02:00 pm to 05:00 pm
Rádio Rua will be occupied with a programme marked by sustainability. News programmes focused on climate issues, playlists by ecologists and activists, practical advice on adopting more sustainable habits, an open hour for climate consultations, a scientist with predictions for the next century, a moment of ecological humour...

/artistic and technical credits

/Pivot and curatorship Joana Guerra Tadeu

Biblioteca Verde Itinerante

Literature, Science, Debate

Aljezur – 24 to 28 oct 2023 (tue to sat) Espaço+ – every day except Sunday, from 10:00am to 04:30 pm
In this growing library, all the titles are related to sustainability and the climate crisis, with its injustices, political, economic, social, geopolitical, scientific framework, etc. In the form of a book club, we'll organise a meeting and discussion between readers and a guest on the last day of LABAT at Formiga Atómica in a public session. All the books will be available at Espaço+, in Aljezur, on the days and times indicated.

O caminho para "Terminal (Estado do Mundo)" - Public Session

Aljezur – Salão Nobre da Câmara Municipal de Aljezur – 28 oct 2023 (sat) – 04:00 pm
On the last day of Formiga Atómica's LABAT, the guest theatre company will host a meeting between the public and a guest. Activist Noah Zino presents Naomi Klein's 'Everything Can Change' and Andreas Malm's 'How to Blow Up a Pipeline' in a wide-ranging conversation about what will be the biggest challenge facing our planet.

This public session will also present the results of "Back to the Future", one of the activities during Formiga Atómica's LABAT. Short documentary videos, directed by JUNO, made with the people of this land, showing the traces of time and the effects of climate change on the landscape and the construction of places. A collection of vanished places evoked by memories described in the first person highlights the tension between different dimensions of time in the register of voice and image. It emphasises the metamorphosis of places from a human perspective.

Other activities that the Formiga Atómica brings

Quem quer mudar?

Politics, Sociology, Ecology

A sociological study centred on the willingness to change daily habits in favour of the planet. Who would swap one car journey for one walking trip a week? Who would commit to reducing aeroplane journeys to once every two years? Who really has a desire for change?

/artistic and technical credits

/Sociologist Rui Telmo Gomes

Improváveis de costas voltadas

Filmed interviews

Two unlikely interlocutors, on a blind date, talk through a series of questions about humanity, life, societies, the planet, politics or the climate. During the conversation, their backs are turned – they can only listen to each other. Only at the end is the person's identity “on the other side” revealed.

/artistic and technical credits

/Film Direction JUNO