Meeting the inhabitants of Bordeira village

It's time to return to Bordeira, Aljezur, for a meeting with all the village inhabitants interested in following and participating in the cultural project ESCOLANOVA. Monday, 24 July, at 6pm, at the Bordeira Parish Council, we will talk about the second phase of the rehabilitation works of the old primary school building in the village with the architects and the master builder, and with the mayors as well. We will share, in the premiere, the documentary film by Thomas Ortegat-Traen, entitled ESCOLANOVA, which rescues the living memories of the former pupils of the primary school who remain in the village, and show, for the very first time, the portraits of 15 of the inhabitants of Bordeira made by the photographer João Mariano. They are the first documents of this new school, without losing the spirit of a place of learning, discovery, growth, memory, and future.

The documentary film, directed by the video maker Thomas Ortegat-Traen, with illustrations and animation by Beatriz Machado, aimed to search for those who in the village were, between the 1940s and the 1990s, the pupils of the Bordeira Primary School. A fantastic group of people, all inhabitants of this village, men and women of different ages and professions, tell of their adventures and misadventures. Still, above all, they return to the memory of their wild games and play at school and outside it.

ESCOLANOVA, as this multi-autobiographical film is called, portrays an era and talks about education during the Estado Novo in a low population density area. It also shows the unique way in which each of these adults re-imagined themselves through the film in the distant memory of their childhood.

Photographer João Mariano has started a collection of portraits of the inhabitants of Bordeira to show the life of the village through the people who now inhabit it. We have now reached a set of 15 photographs that will increase as we get to know more inhabitants closely, to the point where they allow themselves to be photographed with relaxation and joy, knowing that what they are doing, in addition to having a beautiful portrait, is giving the village the blood and energy, it needs: its people here and now.

This is another meeting to bring the village and its Parish Council closer to the cultural cooperative LAVRAR O MAR, which aims to design a project for the old Bordeira Primary School with and for the village so that it can radiate to many different latitudes.

Aljezur – Bordeira
24 jul (mon) – 6:00 pm
Running time
2 h aprox.
Inhabitants of Bordeira village, Aljezur
Free entrance

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