18 · 19 · 21 · 22 oct 2023 — Odemira · Aljezur

Engolir Sapos

Amarelo Silvestre · Portugal
Theatre — M/12+

“Engolir Sapos” (Swallowing Toads) is an artistic reflection about prejudices and ceramic toads in the form of a play for families. In Portugal, there are 40 to 60 thousand Gypsies, a minority among the majority. In Portugal, hundreds and thousands of ceramic toads are in commercial establishments, a minority among most products on display. Toads exist to decorate. And to ward off. Gypsies.

If a toad bothers men and women of flesh and blood, a toad bothers us all.

Father and daughter will be on stage. And toads.

/ artistic and technical credits

/Direction Rafaela Santos  /Dramaturgy Fernando Giestas  /Interpretation Amélia Giestas and Ricardo Vaz Trindade  /Music Ricardo Baptista  /Light Design Jorge Ribeiro  /Set and Costume Design Henrique Ralheta  /Creation Amarelo Silvestre  /Co-production Teatro Viriato, Centro de Arte de Ovar and Teatro Municipal do Porto  /Artistic Residencies Teatro Viriato, As Casas do Visconde, Centro de Arte de Ovar, Citemor, Projecto 23 Milhas and ZDB  /Partnerships Olho Vivo/Viseu e As Casas do Visconde  /Support República Portuguesa – Cultura/Direção-Geral das Artes  /Other Supporters Patinter, Borgstena and School Grouping, Voluntary Firemen, Social and Parish Centre and Canas de Senhorim Parish Council

Odemira – Cineteatro Camacho Costa
18 oct 2023 (wed)
10:30 am school audience
09:00 pm general audience
19 oct 2023 (thu)
10:30 am school audience
Aljezur – Espaço Multiusos de Aljezur - EMA
21 oct 2023 (sat) – 09:00 pm general audience
22 oct 2023 (sun) – 06:00 pm general audience
Running Time
50 min aprox.
Age Rating
7€ Adult
3€ Children up to 11 years old

Ticket Office
Purchase tickets also at
Aljezur – Casa Lavrar o Mar – Rua João Dias Mendes, 46