08 to 12 nov 2023 — Madeira
01 to 03 dec 2023 — Odemira

Comer com os olhos

Giacomo Scalisi · Rosário Pinheiro · Afonso Cruz · Portugal
Culinary cine-theatre — M/16+

"Comer com os Olhos" is a new creation by Giacomo Scalisi (director) and Rosário Pinheiro (chef), with an original text by Afonso Cruz. It's a theatre show that, in dialogue with cinema, explores the dramaturgical dimension of cooking and the rituals related to the act of eating...

In the history of cinema, there are many works that use food as a motif for dramatic action, creating certain sensations on the screen, which this show aims to transport and extend into the live dimension.

"Comer com os Olhos" is cooked around a kitchen and an ever-present cinema screen, with the help of the film "Tampopo" by the Japanese director Jûzô Itami (1985). Throughout the show, Afonso Cruz's text leads us to discover the different relationships people have with food and its ingredients.

An experience between the projected image and the creation of live theatrical situations in real time, inviting the audience to immerse themselves in a narrative that proposes a short-circuit between theatre, cinema and gastronomy.

/ artistic and technical credits

/Original text Afonso Cruz   /Direction Giacomo Scalisi   /Chef Rosário Pinheiro   /With Matilde Real, Mariana Canha e Giacomo Scalisi   /Technical direction and lighting design Joaquim Madail, Rui Barbosa   /Production Lavrar o Mar

The presentation of "Comer com os Olhos" in Madeira is part of the Madeira Contemporary Art Cycle, part of INSUL'Arts, a project funded by the EEA Grants Portugal Culture Programme through Connecting Dots - Artistic Mobility and Audience Development, managed by the Directorate General for the Arts as Programme Partner. INSUL'Arts is a project promoted and managed by Companhia Dançando com a Diferença in close partnership with dybwikdans (Norway), Funchal City Council and Teatro Viriato (Viseu).

Madeira – Inatel Santo da Serra, Santo António da Serra (Santa Cruz)
08 to 11 dec (wed to sat) – 07:30 pm
12 dec (sun) – 12:30 am

+ info and booking
info@danca-inclusiva.com / +351 927 069 966
Odemira – Salão dos Bombeiros Voluntários de Odemira
01 dec (fri) – 07:30 pm
02 dec (sat) – 07:30 pm
03 dec (sun) – 11:30 am
Running Time
3 h 00 aprox.
Age Rating
12€ Single Price

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Aljezur – Casa Lavrar o Mar – Rua João Dias Mendes, 46