24 sep 2023— Odemira

Caminhadas com arte #4

Various speakers and paths — Pt
Talks in Nature — M/16+

In September, we'll be walking again between knowledge and nature, this time in Odemira municipality and in the company of guest speakers: João Ferrão, José Xavier, Maria Manuel Mota, Nuno Ribeiro and Teresa Castro. Five simultaneous walks, in which conversations are unravelled from the context of the climate emergency facing our planet, focusing mainly on the issue of interdependence between the neighbouring and the inhospitable, between the visible and the invisible, between humans and non-humans, from the perspective of geography, marine biology, immunology, ecology and animism, among other areas of knowledge.

The time has been set. Starting at 10am, we will set off with one of the walking speakers from different geographical points in Odemira municipality, knowing that our group is not going alone, knowing that others are walking at the same time and space to reflect, to nourish critical thinking, to breathe and to be closer to nature.

"Caminhadas com Arte" is a hiking programme through the landscapes of Aljezur, Odemira and the interior of the Monchique highlands, where experts from different fields of knowledge accompany the walkers to immerse them in a narrative, discourse, and universe on a particular theme. The audience can experience the journey and the topic firsthand. The guest speakers are all passionate about their work. They are committed to sharing their research with others. They believe that by communicating, they can contribute positively to what's happening globally.

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24 sep 2023 (sun) – 10:00 am
Running Time
5 h 00 aprox.
Age Rating
10€ Single Price

Ticket Office
When booking their ticket, each person must choose the speaker/path they want to take, taking into account the particularities of each one (theme, difficulty level, distance).
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Aljezur – Casa Lavrar o Mar – Rua João Dias Mendes, 46

/ Odemira Walks  24 sep 2023 (sun) ~ 10:00 am

Portuguese talks

João Ferrão


José Xavier
marine biologist and polar scientist


Maria Manuel Mota
biologist and immunologist


Nuno Ribeiro
teacher, researcher, ecologist


Teresa Castro
teacher and researcher