20 jan 2024 — Odemira     27 jan 2024 — Lisbon

Bowing Doc
Launch of the digital platform

Website · Art · Migration — M/6+

Three years after BOWING, BOWING DOC is here. A website created specifically to tell the story of this artistic project of integration and social inclusion, looking to the future and becoming a working tool for anyone interested in the theme of art and migration. This digital platform, created with the guidance of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, will be presented in two public performances, in which the entire team that composed and produced it will participate, namely a group of Asian participants, adults and young people, who will talk about their involvement in the project.

In addition to the technical presentation, so that the audience can browse the website and enter into its more festive component, many films and images available online will be projected and put into context to show what has been achieved artistically. There will be live music and songs that were initially created for the shows, as well as a series of proposals for participation on-site as if we were experiencing the project live again.

The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the "la Caixa" Foundation, and the Odemira Town Council supported BOWING, a social integration and inclusion project through art. During the project's three-year duration (2021-2023), a core team led by Madalena Victorino, in close collaboration with Matilde Real and Inês Melo Sousa, conducted research on the transformative power of art in promoting the integration and inclusion of Asian migrants working in intensive agricultural enterprises, commonly referred to as greenhouses, in the Odemira territory. The team worked with over two hundred migrants, building a prolonged and profound relationship. They used the laboratory to create bonds of trust and promote progressive autonomy. They favoured dance, music, and spoken word as their primary languages. Regularly, participatory art proposals were played in schools, greenhouses, and spaces such as the São Teotónio Parish Council and the Odemira Municipal Market. These proposals contributed to deciphering and translating the place and culture in which all migrants find themselves. In 2023, an analysis and projection of the work resulted in the creation of the BOWING DOC digital platform.

/ artistic and technical credits

/Direction and coordination Madalena Victorino

/Co-creation and construction Inês Melo Sousa e Matilde Real   /Graphic designer José Costa Torres   /Website programmer João Colucas   /Intercultural mediator Rajendra Shiwakoti   /Musician and teacher Inderjeet Singh   /Participant in the BOWING DOC project Prashant Khatri   /BOWING Hands-On participant Hands-On Lovepreet Singh   /Students and participants Nusaiba Taima Nur, Sushant Adhikari, Arshpreet Kaur, Daniel Wang e Laxmi Khadka   /Musicians Marc Plannels e Pedro Salvador

/Prodution Lavrar o Mar


Odemira – Camacho Costa Theatre
20 jan 2024 (sat) – 06:00 pm
Lisbon – Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
27 jan 2024 (sat) – 02:30 pm
Running Time
2 h 00 approx.
Age Rating
Free Entrance