21 apr 2024 — Odemira

Atlas Odemira

Ana Borralho & João Galante · Portugal
Project with the Odemira community — M/6+

In Greek mythology, ATLAS is the one condemned by Zeus to carry the heavens on his shoulders. ATLAS, by Ana Borralho & João Galante, is a show that brings together on stage 100 people from different professions who can sign up to take part, even if they have no experience. With this work, Ana Borralho & João Galante want to build an atlas of human social organisation, a representation of people through their function in their society, this time in Odemira. One of the driving forces behind this work is the ideas of the artist Joseph Beuys: "The revolution is us, and everyone is an artist". A silent revolution. A work motivated by the belief that art should play an active role in society. To unite art and life.

The presentation of ATLAS at Cerro do Peguinho is part of the programme of events organised by Odemira Town Hall to commemorate the 25th of April.

/ registering to take part in the show

People aged between 6 and 99 who live in the municipality of Odemira.
E-mail: info@lavraromar.pt (with the subject line: ATLAS Odemira)
Phone: 913 943 034

/ artistic and technical credits

/Concept and artistic direction Ana Borralho & João Galante   /Lighting Ana Borralho & João Galante   /Light Consultancy Thomas Walgrave   /Sound Coolgate   /Dramaturgical collaboration Fernando J. Ribeiro and Rui Catalão   /Artistic collaborators and group coordinators Cátia (Alface) Leitão and Tiago Gandra   /Production manager Mónica Samões   /Production and distribution Andrea Sozzi   /Executive producer Joana Duarte   /Performers 100 people from different professions   /Production casaBranca

Odemira – Cerro do Peguinho
21 apr 2024 (sun) – 06:00 pm
Running Time
80 min
Age Rating
Free Entrance