New Circus

Odemira · Monchique

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The year 2021 moves into its home straight. We want to live this time alongside the proposals of the artists we invited to take us on a journey through their worlds, through their questions.
This autumn there is a THE GREAT WANDER, presented by Collectif Protocole, which offers us a strong motive: the crossing. A juggler discovers the territory walking alongside someone who lives here. In this journey, juggling enters the hands of those who want to find it in a poetic and intimate way. This will be the project that will reach Monchique and cross the paths that enter through Aljezur, then Odemira and finally Santiago do Cacém. It will cover the entire route that covers the territory of this LAVRAR, leaving the traces of the encounters that it is looking for. Let's imagine that, in the solitude of the countryside, a farmer is presented with a series of juggling clubs that fly like corn in a husking, or that the bread van enters the village in the morning bringing an artist with it…

NÃO will be a theatrical presentation that speaks to children about the importance of being able to think about freedom and being human as one of the best antidotes to fight hatred. There will also be a balm (BALSAM) made of alchemy and beauty that presents us with a laboratory of mysteries for the palate. This theatre of the senses comes from Belgium and transports us to the magical and complex world of our contemporary times. Finally, in the winter that wants to reach 2022, CAMPANA will ring the bell entering the new year which will bring with it the flight of acrobats that take us to the skies as well as leading us to look at this land. The land that we ought to love more than ever.