We are back!!
After a long interruption, we now resume the programme that was left behind, with more strength, will and energy than ever before!

Art as a liberating exercise, which externalizes, questions, provokes, reports and (re)builds, has always found a way to rise in the light of day.

We restart our programme with the Caminhadas com Arte (Walks with Art) - two moments that are meant precisely to reflect and question the world we live in from different perspectives - from writing, journalism and philosophy, to dance, theatre, cinema, the environment, among many others. A proposal of 20 routes and 21 speaker-hikers that will take us on trips to different realms of knowledge, without leaving the Costa Vicentina and the Monchique highlands. We will talk about the importance of walking and building paths, the relationship between the body and writing; about the relationship between relief, thought and movement; on how to listen to the other and perceive the world; on how to look and observe.
We will reflect on the idea of ​​a border; on immigration; about the idea of ​​anthropocene; on how to work and care for the land; on the human impact on the environment; about the microbial cosmology that surrounds us; about resonance, silence, affection and rhythm; about how it is impossible to separate the nature from the stories, the temperature from the words and the relief from the creation.

The profound transformations that are taking place are also influencing the way arts are created, presented and enjoyed. At Lavrar o Mar, we adapted our entire schedule to the current health measures, which we commit ourselves to apply with great care and rigor. Because we believe that it is at times like this, that arts and culture are (even more) essential.

The world changes and art responds to it. It is through today's creations that the future will understand what happened.

See you in September!