Comer com os olhos

Culinary cine-theatre - laboratory


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Welcome to Autumn!
The programme that we have prepared for the next 4 months invites everyone to participate, to walk, to cook, to enter, to question and to think hand in hand with us: Lavrar o Mar and Lavrar Mira and Lagoa, two cultural projects in the territories of Aljezur, Monchique, Odemira and Santiago do Cacém are waiting for you.

The programme for the 2022/2023 season begins with a group of men and women with incredible paths. There will be 22 guests coming from very different areas of knowledge and who will be walking between Monchique and Aljezur, speaking through the landscape to an audience who wishes to listen and travel at the same time.

“There is a mysterious power in places, invisible from afar. One must go there, feel the smell, the temperature, the murmurs, the vibration of the air itself. One must talk to people, be with them... It's easy to judge when you've never left home. When you've never been in a war, it's easier to give orders to kill. Traveling is a form of knowledge and compassion…” — Paulo Moura / war correspondent and travel writer - Caminhadas com Arte #3 - September 25th / Monchique
Following Caminhadas com Arte #3, the fundamental ground of this programme, we will visit the schools of Aljezur and Monchique to taste a potato soup. Soup'alapatate by the Belgian company Laika, is a performance devised for children and families that tells us about war, loss and hunger and how a good soup can provide comfort. A show where the pleasure of telling a story and the pleasure of sharing a meal meet each other.

Bowing #2 is the next project taking place. A performance happening in Odemira after another year of artistic laboratories with the Asian population residing in this region. Dozens of migrants from India, Punjab, Nepal, Bangladesh, China join forces with artists in the fields of movement, spoken word and music to create a piece together. Bowing #2 will be about the Portuguese language proclaiming itself nomadic, welcoming future peoples and generations with crossed geographies. It will be about the right to have an accent, the time to translate a scream into Portuguese, a laugh into Hindi, a moan into Bangla, a sigh into Punjabi: native languages ​​of this new Alentejo in which we live.

Comer com os Olhos is a cinematographic gastronomy experience that will work as a theatrical mechanism. A director and a chef meet with a movie. A laboratory in which the audience is involved in the preparation of a recipe to reach a new cinematographic sensory perception.
The purpose of this moment is to ask the public to be a collaborator in this episode of the project and to wait to see, next year, the result of its complicity and creative game with the artists.

Dans ton Coeur, from the French company Akoreacro, will be another joyful moment in the new circus programme that we have been presenting. In this new project, which tells us about the small, unimportant nothings that life is also made of, we will see an adventure of vertigo and flights in the middle of the arena, which we know is the place where gravity is thwarted by the energy of the acrobats in motion and where the world is also turned upside down.

“In the company of walking along a trail through the Monchique mountains, I propose that you keep me company in walking along another trail, of thought, and desirous of a metamorphosis of the era we live in, which moves through the ideas of path, wandering, stopping, ground , forest, place, matter, surface. The coincidence of walking times makes the meeting between the ideas of things and their concrete experience, returning the thought to the ground of the entire relationship with the world. In an era of abstraction that disconnects us, it is necessary to rediscover the will to feel the ground.” — André Barata / philosopher - Caminhadas com Arte #3 - September 25th / Monchique