Due to the situation of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) and the recommendations of the municipal and national health authorities, we made the decision to postpone the presentation of the performances scheduled until the beginning of April, that is, the Caminhadas com Arte (Walks with Art), and the Amrat Hussain Brothers Trio, to a date still to be defined, depending on the evolution of the pandemic that is taking place at the moment.
Concerning the purchased tickets, people who wish to be refunded will be able to do so.

People who bought tickets at the Lavrar o Mar office or at the Municipal Library of Monchique, should contact us at info@lavraromar.pt or call +351 913 943 034 explaining the situation, in order to proceed with the refund.

People who bought tickets online must request a refund from BOL, responding to the email containing the tickets and explaining the situation.

People who bought tickets at BOL's points of sale (Fnac, Worten, etc…) should send an email explaining the situation to info@bol.pt

People who do not request a refund will have tickets valid for the new dates that are yet to be announced.

We regret what happened, but we understand that this measure had to be taken, since we are facing preventive emergency state that concerns us all.

We remind and reinforce the need to closely monitor and follow the indications of national and international health authorities, in order to contain the virus in the best possible way.

We should staying away from each other like never before, so as not to let the virus plow, but at the same time come together as never before in this mission that belongs to everyone.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

The Lavrar o Mar team