An international regular and rich artistic program that contradicts the seasonality of the region. A brand for the territory to become an artistic, cultural and touristic reference. A chance to discover the local cultural heritage through the performing arts and a singular way to travel through the mountains, beaches and villages.


LAVRAR O MAR promotes during the low season, a cultural dynamic in the various localities of the St. Vincent’s Coast and up in the mountains of Monchique. Through a creative and artistic intervention, residents and tourists are invited to discover a local identity that regenerates and renews itself by the hand of the arts.

LAVRAR O MAR consolidates its brand to the region through the fusion of contemporary artistic practices and local ancestral knowledge. It happens in nature (valleys and beaches), historical and contemporary buildings (restaurants and bars, municipal swimming pools, distilleries and local organizations). A different experience to discover the cultural dimension of the region, based on its singularity and distinctive natural beauty.distintiva.
LAVRAR O MAR establishes in the region a cultural and touristic route of an european dimension, by promoting transformative encounters in a continuous human sharing between artists, locals and transient foreign populations. We believe that Culture is an asset of exceptional value for tourism.

The program presents unique dance, music, theatre and new circus performances that will happen regularly during autumn, winter and spring, in carefully chosen and non conventional venues. To see, to visit, to experience and to return!

OCTOBER 2017 to MAY 2018

In its second year of life, the cultural project LAVRAR O MAR - the performing arts at the top of the mountain and in the coast of St. Vincent, wishes to expand and deepen the relationship with its public, residents and tourists, who have approached the performing arts in this territory through our proposals.

This time we invite our public to participate intense and actively in our programs. We want to create experiences that make sense to people, that entertain, that invite people from different backgrounds and countries to get together, through the arts, in this land of mountains and ocean. This year, we want to invite the public to cook, to swim, to savor what we have to offer.

To begin, we will present PASTA E BASTA, that will take place in the Grupo Recreativo Folclórico do Rogil. It is a memorable experience somewhere between theatre and gastronomy where the public itself will cook the pasta fresca, in the good italian way, while listening to a love story, a fiction written by the portuguese writer Afonso Cruz. We also offer a special version for families with children.
Knowing about the Batata Doce Festival, we have prepared a sui generis dinner - concert in the VÁRZEA ⎜Farm & Bistro, during the festival weekend, CONCIORTO, offers the public a wonderful meal cooked by the italian chef Luigi Gautero helped by two musicians Jean Luigi Carlone and Biagio Bagini where the vegetables just picked from the farm can be heard in a very suggestive performance and eaten simultaneously.

VASSILISSA is a russian tale for young children and adults that tells the story of a little girl that is asked to search for the fire in a dangerous and dark forest. About the intergenerational power of intuition, the result is an initiation to the fabulous game of theatre.

For the last days of 2017, we invite all living and visiting the Algarve at this time of year, to join us in the Heliport of Monchique. KLAXON is a fantastic New Circus performance, filled with ambitious acrobatics and live music. Six acrobats and five musicians with a russian training in the circus disciplines will fascinate us until midnight in their fabulous circus tent.

Artistic direction and programming Giacomo Scalisi e Madalena Victorino
A project by COSANOSTRA Cooperativa Crl.


Artistic Direction and Programming
Giacomo Scalisi e Madalena Victorino

COSANOSTRA Cooperativa Cultural

Management consulting
Adelaide Rocha

Telma Antunes

Executive production
Cecília Galvani, Olga Sancho, Sara Palácios, Teresa de Brito

Technical Direction
Joaquim Madaíl